• Unleashed

    From Daphantom@1:220/90 to All on Tue Jan 26 21:11:12 2021
    Hello Just wanted to let everyone know that Unleashed BBs is up and running it's still work in progress i've had time to work on it while i'm out of work for 2 weeks because of covid

    the telnet address is dns.unleashedinet.org default port 23
    i have Fidonet Dove-net RetroNet GamesNet and Micronet Forms

    DOn't have that many files online

    I do have the default doors and also connected to interbbs doors system
    as i get more time and figure out SynchroNet BBS software i'll add more and make it better
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    * Origin: Unleashed - dns.unleashedinet.org (1:220/90)