• Grex: Public Access Unix

    From tenser@1:135/369 to All on Sun Jun 4 22:48:47 2017
    Come check out Grex.org: A public access Unix system online since 1991!

    * Newly upgraded to OpenBSD 6.1
    * Featuring Picospan-compatible computer conferencing
    * Multi-user chat
    * Get access to a real Unix shell on a professionally-maintained server
    - Email
    - Create your own web site
    - Access to local conferences, USENET news, much more
    * Learn how to use Unix or write programs
    - Unix development tools
    - Compilers and interpreters for any number of languages, including:
    + C, C++, Objective C
    + FORTRAN, Pascal
    + Haskell, OCaml, SML
    + Lisp, Scheme
    + Ruby, Python, Tcl, Lua, Perl
    + Rust, Go
    - Unix text editors
    + The venerable ed and vi
    + vim, emacs
    + joe, jove, ee, nano, pico, etc.
    - Unix mail user agents (mail clients)
    + aline, elm, mutt
    + nmh
    - USENET clients
    + trn, slrn, tin
    - Unix shells
    + ksh, tcsh, bash, zsh, rc
    - Unix terminal games
    + angband, nethack, rogue, moria, etc
    - Network access
    + ssh (including sftp, scp), telnet, 3270 access
    + access to legacy protocols for rlogin, rsh, rcp
    - IRC access
    + irssi, ircII, etc
    * Join the nearly 10,000 users with access to Grex today!
    * SSH to `newuser@grex.org` (no password) and check out what we have to offer!

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A33 (Windows/32)
    * Origin: ACiD Telnet HQ / blackflag.acid.org (1:135/369)