• The Black Knights BBS

    From Mike Soper@1:19/75 to All on Sun Jan 22 14:54:00 2017
    Hello -

    The Black Knights BBS is back up and running after all these years of being offline. We have brought back all the major and most popular door games from the early days of the BBS world. These door games are for example, Operation Overkill, The Pit, Lord of the Red Dragon, Yankee Trader, and much more!! So please stop by and check out The Black Knights. The *New* phone number is (432)
    694-3142.. Until we can figure out how to have it internet accessable. Our new Fidonet is (1:19/75)

    Thanks, SysOp's of The Black Knights BBS

    --- FD 2.12 - RA 2.52+
    * Origin: The Black Knights - (432) 694-3142 - Midland, Tx (1:19/75)