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    From MICHEL SAMSON@1:379/1200 to STEVEN HORN on Tue Jan 20 13:38:00 2004
    Hi Steven,

    About "Legacy applications" of January 19...

    Having fun, Steven? ...refering to word processors for old HardWare
    just because `{Commo}' runs on any PC sounds like a far stretch...
    If discussions here had been limited to DOS and the Internet from
    October 29 to the present, there would have been no discussion.

    Let me think... Three years ago the title was .QWK related but you
    felt i was taking over the echo and you complained that it would prevent
    others from posting, to which i replied that i had interrest in on-topic
    news you could share, in alternatives, in UNIVERSALITY; in short, i was against exclusion... %-) That was after i tried to tune up `MS-Kermit'
    on the BBSes of Denis Haddox and Craig Healy, i believe, but somehow you
    ended up mentioning it was -25 degrees Centigrade in your garage!!! The
    year later, around the same time, users had started over "rz/sz" but you "contributed" in your very own way by sharing with us, priviledged guys,
    about having bad Holidays and then a cold, then a flu after that, euh...
    I don't have my December-January 2003 records handy but i'll bet i won't
    be missing too much by just filling the dots straight toward 2004! %-b,

    Steven, you complain if i post, you still complain when i don't and
    should i be posting for a fantomatic audience you'd just complain again!

    What would you have preferred, an off-topic discussion or an echo
    that would have been removed from the backbone?

    Please, do nothing for me. You had your chance when there was hope
    about the `ZMoDem'/~TelNet~ problem - when Ruurd Beerstra (the author of
    `IVT') joined us. You know, two years ago you wrote, and i quote: "But
    then I use ADSL with Windows 2000 which makes me off-topic here." (which certainly remains true)... Well, it took some time, effort and money to disprove the half-truth around `MS-Kermit' and `Win 95' (read `Win 32'),
    if you ever helped me at all it was by omission: i had to try `W2K' all
    by myself and yes, that's the sturdiest ~GUI~ ever. The fact remains my opinion is that's much better if `Win 98' resides side-by-side and i get
    easy access to `DOS v7.10a' via a boot menu - hence we disagree again...
    At least some people continued to post here and no one objected
    until you re-emerged from the place for which you left from here
    over three months ago.

    When DOS INet newbies get here and they can only read chit-chat i'm
    pretty confident that they conclude our echo is dead - which doen't seem
    far from the reality, euh... and you can be certain that they'll remind themselves not to return here since the area is already condemned! Post
    news like when the final stable release of `MS-Kermit v3.16' went out or
    when `LSPPP v1.0' became available and you'll hear from me: i monitored
    this echo in hope that something worth my time might happen, actually!!!


    Well, the phenomenon you observe is called "Negative Reinforcement"
    (i know, i've been fighting it for some time now - hence this "preacher"
    label you SysOps like to tag on me!)... Let me tell you a simple truth,
    it's much easier to question someone than to prove your own point; if a
    newbie gets a mixed signal when he walks in then that's no real surprize
    if he renounces, especially after he's told that our hobby can be co$tly
    and very complex - it doesn't take much at all to scare a newbie away...

    Any one can bring back old but strong misconceptions, play sabotage
    and put the burden of the proof on someone else's shoulder. I don't say
    it's all your doing but that's how people in the SysOp collective react!

    Oh, euh... Steven... ...all non-contributions are also recorded.
    Michel, we are well aware that all non-contributions are recorded.

    Good. I was wondering because things sometimes don't always appear
    to be coherent from season to season, or year to year!... As far as i'm concerned you can search back to 1997-1998 and i know you'll find a very
    same idea all along: "Plan-B", not my own token but yet it describes my concept well enough - which is about BBS universality, i.e. inclusion...

    Oh, but you knew all about it so there's no need to object - again!

    I mean "I have a dream" (once people were shot for saying that)! I suspected that BBSing shouldn't be off limits to ANY user with a PC (ANY
    PC) so i tried to share my idea with others but found myself pretty much
    alone when the time came to verify it. I contributed by showing that PC
    BBS universality keeps being rejected since the mid-nineties for unsound reasons and i've been fired regularily for that. A hurd of angry SysOps mustn't distract me from my initial goal, nonetheless; i'm not going to
    remind people continuously that it takes two to tango (by plunging a few
    SysOp noses in their old pre-conceptions, for example)! Oh, by the way,
    thanks for almost calling me a cornerstone! Euh... But what i'm trying
    to accomplish, as a simple BBSer, isn't worth such an etiquette; i just
    "put my money where my mouth is", so to speak. :> I simply had a hint, searched around and tried a few things, one at a time; then i collected figures to be shared later. You called this preaching, that's more like consistency to me. Now, about "friendly dialogues"... No, i'm afraid i
    don't seek that in technically oriented echoes! If i required affective complicity i'd try a proper area for your purpose; i consider i'm lucky
    when i can avoid the affectively charged ones, believe it or not Steven.

    Or is it Warren?... You know, i was reminded that there were dupes
    out there; if it weren't for the OSes i might confuse the two of you!!!

    Hummm... What do SysOps post in their underground echo these days?

    Ha, what the heck! Salutations,

    Michel Samson
    a/s Bicephale

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