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    From Paul Casey@1:343/117 to All on Wed Oct 1 23:44:00 2003
    BBS Software Development News

    TBBS.org Celebrates it's 1st Birthday! -------------------------------------------------------
    posted by Tarix on 30-Sep-2003 14:22 -------------------------------------------------------
    A little over a year ago a group of individuals from
    comp.bbs.tbbs got together to revive eSoft's TBBS
    software. We are making steady progress and have two
    test systems currently up and running. If you're
    interested in helping out, are a wann-be syssop, or
    are just looking for something different then check
    us out!


    DoorMud v0.99 released
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 02-Sep-2003 6:49 -------------------------------------------------------
    DoorMUD is a high-quality MUD (multi-user dungeon)
    that will run on any BBS software capable of running
    door games. DoorMUD features fast-paced real-time
    combat, multinode interaction, a command interface
    and a huge game world with over 2100+ rooms for
    players to explore.

    New features are listed at


    MannDoor v3.08.30 released -------------------------------------------------------
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 02-Sep-2003 6:34 -------------------------------------------------------
    MannDoor v3.08.30 was just released. This version
    mainly contains bugfixes, but there are also two
    important additions: OS/2 and WINServer support.

    With the addition of OS/2 support MannDoor now
    compiles for 5 different platforms with 8 different
    compiler combinations, and with the addition of
    WINServer support MannDoor can finally compile
    DOOR32 mode doors (not to be confused with
    DOOR322.SYS doors).


    GuTTeRBoWL 2003 - v3.00
    posted by Action on 26-Aug-2003 21:39 -------------------------------------------------------
    GuTTeRBoWL 2003 - v3.00 --------
    Online Bowling Door! 16bit/32bit. Simply the B E S T
    bowling door
    you'll ever play. ANSI-intensive animation! Bowl the
    nearly true
    action-pin-reaction. Featuring multi-node, multi-OS
    support and
    Telnet support. Supports nearly every known dropfile.
    Send him an e-mail to get your copy at
    gutterbowl@cox net
    or it's in the BBS Files section at
    Copyright ChasWare Software (c) 1996-2003
    Release date --- August 24, 2003 -------------------------------------------------------

    GameSrv v3.01.01 Released -------------------------------------------------------
    posted by Mike Ehlert on 14-Aug-2003 13:31 -------------------------------------------------------
    GameSrv v3.08.01 (formerly known as TelSrv) was just
    released. This version implements a major feature
    many people have been asking for lately, support for
    RLogin connections.

    The GUI is going to be completely redesigned for the
    next release, so I didnt bother adding the ability
    to change the "secure host" setting. Read the
    included documentation to learn how to manually set
    it by editing the SETUP.INI file.


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