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    Greetings all.....

    I need some assistance.

    I'm trying to assist a client in controlling internet access across a

    These folks are using DSL connected directly to Proxy Server 2.0 via a
    network card, and they're sending it across the network only to people
    with proxy client installed.

    Now...these people who currently have access (say...5-6 administrative
    staff) have complete access to everything.

    We're trying to allow two or three more employees on, but they should
    have access to only the websites they *need* access to...for example,
    the website they file insurance on.

    I've got hostnames and IP addresses for those allowed sites...

    how do i control access ?

    how do i give certain users access to everything, and other users access
    to only those sites?

    (using proxy server 2.0)

    thanks in advance...

    supporting documentation:

    Good Morning!

    We are looking into an internet version of Harland (it is a DOS version
    right now) and they say that it is possible to let people have access
    to the internet through proxy server for Harland check ordering purposes
    only and restrict them from any other browsing.

    They said to open ports 80 and 443 inbound and outbound for
    Can you tell me how to go about configuring this?


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