• War FTP 1.80b5

    From John Tyler@1:107/418 to All on Tue Oct 29 18:12:54 2002
    One of the Internets oldest service is FTP. One of Windows oldest Internet
    servers is War FTP...which has always been free.

    The most recent version is 1.80b5. If you can sort thougth the madness,
    you'll find the most elegant, cheapest and stable FTP server for a Windows
    machine around.

    While most Windows FTP servers use complicted INI files or a Web page
    interface for configuration matters, War FTP uses a bona-fide Windows front
    end. Though this matters little for basic setup issues, the monment you
    start managing hundreds of users and thousands of files and directories
    you'll love War FTP's BBS- like user management and users rights screens.

    Offical product name: War FTP
    Version # previewed: 1.80b5
    Publisher: jgaa Internet
    Developer and URL: www.jgaa.com.software/warftpd/index.htm
    Why should you care: If you need an FTP server, look no further.


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