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    From Manley Hubbell@1:105/55 to Manley Hubbell on Sun Aug 25 03:30:20 2002
    oh yeah: remember August 25, 2002 ? local TV now's covering
    the "DAILY" event 24 hours a day {maybe} seams as thou there are
    40 FBI agents housed in two tents out on Beaver's Creek ? -----------------------------------------------------------------
    I don't watch mutch TV .. but all 4 channels ar covering the "dailies"
    and I guess there's some national coverage of this also
    Like I said .. I Just don't watch .. here howevers my translation =================================================================
    5 \ igmp \ FBI |Li
    igmp 2 IGMP # internet group multicast protocol
    its a multicast [at least 4 Local TV Stations / maybe 6]
    {I think ch 12 just give's them there air time 24hr/day}
    preEmpting everything // Like i've said i dont watch it ????????????????????????????????????????????????
    group protocall? I admitt i dont have clue 1.. unless its reading
    "BONES" if the GROUP part refers to the TWO(2) tents
    of if Group means 40 FIB agents? how do you tell?
    __Line 20 1:23 A.M. PST i have it as /AFT/FBI/CIA thou I don't know

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