• Kermit vs ZMoDem

    From MICHEL SAMSON@1:218/903 to SEAN DENNIS on Thu Aug 1 04:40:00 2002
    Hi Sean,

    About "ZModem" of July 25:

    Hello, Michael.

    Lets begin with presentations 1st: my name is Michel, not Michael.


    I get 5K/sec speeds with ZModem...

    Hummm... Where did you get the idea that i might be interrested in discussing `ZMoDem' at this stage? After all, you seem totaly satisfied
    with it and, quite frankly, i don't see how we can help each other. I'd
    be glad to tell why `Kermit' but `ZMoDem', i'm afraid, i've heard it all already. Tell me, honestly, isn't it just another opportunity to fight?


    I have a more immediate concern: is there a moderator here and who
    is he exactly??? I may have given the impression that i like wars but i
    don't (or you posted this after some hear-say or you saw the saga we had
    in `Win 95'?)... In any case, my original topic was about an offer i've
    made public long ago: i'm looking for a SysOp who can deal with his own
    BBS SoftWare while i help him with installing `MS-Kermit' as an external
    file transfer protocol... We'll "team-up" so that more SysOps and users
    can evaluate `Kermit' UNDER SUITABLE CONDITIONS, which means i'm willing
    to help the user to install `MS-Kermit' too. I can't be expected to get
    every single piece of SoftWare installed and configured here so my offer
    is limited to using `MS-Kermit' with `COM/IP' or a similar utility, this
    is an alternative to the `Kermit 95' 21 days trial version but a guy can
    ask me about `MS-Kermit' run under DOS on a LEGACY 8088 4.77 Mhz PC too.

    You see, i intended to share the previous findings and cumulate the
    new ones so that the end product can be used to generate another "ready-
    made" FreeWare package (i call mine "GlueWare"). Of course, i bet there
    is little new here, i wrote this all and in lengths before! I won't try
    to spare you, my true feeling is that the change of name and topic isn't
    an accident... If i'm wrong and you're one of those all too rare SysOps
    which i try to reach, euh... then i may consider sharing experiences...


    I wish to promote `Kermit' thru a couple archives so that SysOps no
    longer complain that they can't add `Kermit' to their ~TelNettable~ BBS.


    As for putting in protocols into Nexus, you can get freeware
    packages (i.e. CEXYZ and CEXYZ/2) that do the job nicely.

    Something tells me that the strange feeling i have is justified. I
    want to help SysOps to help other SysOps, i don't need help myself. The protocol which i offer to help with is `Kermit', not `ZMoDem'; finally,
    i'm not a SysOp, i don't have `Nexus' installed (i'd rather not) and the correspondant will have to be my eyes because of this: i'm not going to
    invest time when the SysOp is waiting for my efforts to lead nowhere!...


    I'm not willing to debate over BBS SoftWare packages beyond serial-
    ports and other matters which are a requirement for installing `Kermit';
    i mentioned `Nexus' because the author is active and his was 100 % free.

    What advantages are there for Kermit over ZModem?

    Since so few SysOps & BBSers use a DECENT `Kermit' protocol i'm not surprized that you must ask. Tell me, are you the kind of SysOp i seek?


    Michel Samson
    a/s Bicephale

    ... DOS+TCP/IP+TelNet+ZMoDem/Kermit+.QWK technologies for XTs or better!
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