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    From MICHEL SAMSON@1:218/903 to RENATO ZAMBON on Wed Jul 24 22:26:00 2002
    Hi Renato,

    About "Telnettable BBS" of July 16:

    I do want to start playing with a telnet setup for a mailer & bbs
    system. For the time being, just to have some how-to experience.
    RA, doors, and FrontDoor must be used in W98 (today a dial-up...
    COM/IP or NetModem? Other? dyndns, thebbs, dhs...

    Clearly, you're most possibly at the base of the learning curve, my impression is that you'll get your hands full for some time before i can consider cooperation. That's too bad because i'm trying to make contact
    with SysOps in order to install the `MS-Kermit Lite v3.15' file transfer protocol driver on ~TelNettable~ BBSes but i need my correspondant to be
    well acquainted with his BBS SoftWare... I'm only a BBSer and i'll only
    help with the `Kermit' part, having to install a BBS package in order to
    find out what a SysOp must know that he can't tell me is no fun and i've
    tried the crystal ball trick three times already: it's tiresome at best
    and since SysOps are busy guys it can easily stretch over months! So, i
    am sorry that we don't appear to be at the right point in our evolutions
    and i regret that i can't take advantage of this fresh blood that you've
    got - i want to find determined (and capable) SysOps so badly, actually!

    Anyway, i still can help you in some way. I happen to have stepped
    across an application which fits well at the stage you find yourself in:
    your ~IP~ address could be dynamic since you have a DialUp ~ISP~ and the
    users won't be able to find you unless the ~IP~ is puplished. You might
    just want to use DynDNS or any similar service but it's also possible to
    do the publishing yourself, on your own ~WEB~ site: all you need is the
    piece of SoftWare called `Auto IP Publisher v2.32' (there are other such applications like `EzDNS v1.60', etc.)! I've tried the 1st, just check:


    If you believe that what you see can be adapted for your needs, the archive i got was found on a `TUCows' ~FTP~ site, here goes the address:

    (1M239 - June 2, 2000)

    Of course, the ~WEB~ site where your launching page resides must be
    one that doesn't move so the user can find it anytime; there's no point installing it on your own ~WEB~ server (this wouldn't make any sense)...
    Also, if for some reason you can't have your BBS on a standard port, you
    should be able to use a custom one: you could add ":####" after an ~IP~
    where # is the number of that ~IP~ port. SysOps can help you on this...


    I read that you have high-speed digital MoDems in mind, you'll find interresting to learn that `Auto IP Publisher' updates the ~IP~ as often
    as every minute if you want it too; a few SysOps have seen ~ISP~s where
    their ~IP~ will change during a connection, sometimes many times over an
    hour. Since i didn't observe such a thing, i can't comment any further.


    What i shown you here is a real-life example, i could have got more
    links added but you'll get the idea. :^) Have a nice day and have fun!

    Salutations, :)

    Michel Samson
    a/s Bicephale

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