• Synchronet/Argus, passing wrong address?

    From Rob Olsen to All on Wed Jan 13 07:45:28 2010
    Hello everyone.

    I'm trying to get my Synchronet system up and running with Fidonet once again. (took the BBS down a few years ago) Unfortunately, my backups didn't quite work, so I decided to start fresh with the mailer side.

    I followed the guides from Time Warp of the Future, (http://time.synchro.net:81/argus.ssjs and fidonet.ssjs) and all seems to be well running Argus.

    Problem starts when I go into sychronet locally and try to send a netmail. (trying to send an areafix to my hub) here's what I put:

    to: areafix@1:266/512
    subject: (my areafix pw)
    body: %LIST

    When I look at argus' status screen, it says it's trying to send it to 2:266/512! I double checked all the setting and didn't see that address anywhere, so not sure where the problem is exactly.

    Anyone have any pointers?

    Rise n' Shine BBS

  • From Rob Olsen to All on Wed Jan 13 08:47:33 2010
    Re: Synchronet/Argus, passing wrong address?
    By: Rob Olsen to All on Wed Jan 13 2010 07:45 am

    Sorry, couldn't delete the previous message... after a bit more digging, I found one option in Argus I missed... "Outbound Default Zone" found in the paths folder of all places was set to 2...

    A quick change to 1 and all is working great.