• Xmodem

    From Daryl Stout@1:382/33 to Mike Powell on Wed Nov 3 16:31:00 2004
    I've not clue about the age, but something tells me Xmodem is older..

    I also think it is older. Older comm programs don't have support for Zmodem
    >but do have support for Xmodem.

    The older Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 100 and Model 102 laptops had a program (I
    may still have it) called XMDPW5.CO -- it was a communications program to acess
    a data service (i.e. a BBS witout ANSI...there are very few of these left)...and use Xmodem protocol to transfer files with. The program was originally obtained from the Model 100 Forum on CompuServe...but, I think that forum is now defunct. I did use that program when I was on CI$ in the late 1980's to obtain stuff...until I got an 8088 XT in 1992 for my birthday...which
    is where my present day BBS was "born". :)
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