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    From Andy Ball@1:10/345 to Sean Dennis on Wed Oct 27 02:08:46 2004

    Hello Sean,

    SD> If that's the case, then why doesn't someone use the non-ACK
    > mode for telnet connections? Every terminal program I've used
    > seems to use that, even those that are designed for telnet
    > (including ZOC, QModem Pro, HT)... doesn't make sense.

    It's a while since I looked at the innards. Doesn't Telnet work on the assumption that TCP ensures a reliable connection, discarding broken datagrams and acknowleging good ones? Perhaps it does some of its own error checking just in case someone decides to run it over UDP though. Rather than speculate I should check the source, which I don't have access to until I get home.

    SD> I was experimenting with Kermit when I was running Maximus/2 and
    > it seemed to have the uncanny ability to run wide open with
    > unlimited packet size.

    Sounds like their "sliding window" feature: it can send a number of packets without waiting for an ACK for each one (obviously it expects to receive the ACKs eventually). I hear that (among other talents) Kermit is great for high latency links such as transfers to or from satellites.

    - Andy Ball

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