• CNet Amiga Pro

    From Gary McCulloch@1:154/50 to All on Sat Jan 5 14:31:49 2019
    CNet Amiga Pro BBS Software discussion thread. For direct support, telnet to...


    or visit...


    There are now 14 CNet Amiga Pro boards up publicly and more to come. There are
    a few CNet Pfile programmers pumping out new program files for CNet. Check out SkipBo and Bad Libs! Also sometime in the first quarter of this year, a new version of CNet will be released.

    // Gary McCulloch of Reign Of Fire BBS. rofbbs.ddns.net:2300
    \X/ JoinLink - RetroNet - C=Net - FidoNet (931)/494-9100

    --- CNet/5
    * Origin: Reign Of Fire: rofbbs.ddns.net:2300 / (931)494-9100 (1:154/50)