• SUNRISE Doors InterBBS shutting down

    From Sean Dennis@1:18/200 to All on Thu Sep 14 20:39:47 2017
    Hello All,

    From Al Lawrence of Sunrise Doors Software:

    Sunrise Door Software INTERBBS Termination

    After 20+ years of running the Sunrise Door Software InterBBS competition, we will be terminating the service effective immediately!

    We are forced to take this step due to our host's technical changes and my inability to make the required changes for a variety of reasons.

    Please disregard any notifications you may receive over the next days while we work to complete the termination.

    It has been an enormous pleasure to have been able to make this service available all these years and we value your interaction and support!

    All other aspects of Sunrise Door Software continues....

    Just a FYI.


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