• SIMNET Update - New US dial-up node online

    From Sampsa Laine@2:250/7 to All on Mon Sep 26 22:49:00 2016
    Courtesy of David T Snyder we now have a US access point in Oklahoma City.

    The full access point list as of today is:
    US (Oklahoma City, V.92, real landline): +1 405 4983703
    Finland (2G GSM data): +358 465 0057498
    Romania (v.34 over G.711 VOIP): +4037-374-0384

    To add your BBS as a destination node please email admin (at) uuhec.net with "SIMNET Node Application" as the subject line and your BBS will have a dialup number. Well three :)

    More details can be found at http://www.uuhec.net/simnet/
    or in our FB group https://www.facebook.com/groups/simnet2000/

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