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    From Necromaster@1:322/756 to All on Wed Jul 13 15:57:30 2016
    Date: 07/11/2016 ============================================================================ Fill out the form below from APP START to APP END and email it to retronet2016@yahoo.com or telnet to Necronomicon BBS at:
    necrobbs.strangled.net port 23 and fill out the online application.

    All information received on this application will be kept confidential where applicable.

    The Name of the network is "retronet"

    Hub node number is: 80:774/0

    You will be connecting to: necrobbs.strangled.net Port: 24560 to poll for
    your messages.

    ============================================================================ APP START


    If any of the below is not applicable to your system, please put "N/A"

    Real Name.......:
    BBS Name........:
    BBS Software....:
    Operating System:
    Telnet address..:
    Website URL.....:
    Area Code.......:
    Your binkp port#:

    --------------------------- CONNECTION INFO ----------------------------------- --

    Session Information

    Note: FTN BinkP Style Only Offered Method.

    Desired FTN Session Password (all capital letters, you may use nummbers):

    Desired Allfix/Areafix Password (all capital letters, you may use numbers):

    Would you like PKT password? Yes[ ] No[ ]

    If yes, enter desired PKT Password (All capital letter, you may use numbers):

    CRAM5? YES [ ] NO [ ]

    Would you be willing to become a HUB for your area? Yes[ ] No[ ]

    ============================================================================ APP END

    Note: You will receive a Node number in an e-mail between 24-48 hours.

    Thanks for applying for a node.


    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A27 (Windows)
    * Origin: Necronomicon BBS - necrobbs.strangled.net (1:322/756)
  • From Moderator@1:18/200 to Necromaster on Thu Jul 14 19:04:24 2016
    <begin official moderator message>

    -=-RetroNet Application-=-

    - It is against the echo rules to post BBS ads in here. Please post this in OTHERNETS.

    - Real names are required in this echo, Carlos.

    BBS_CARNIVAL Moderator

    <end official moderator message>

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