• Mystic BBS v1.12 Alpha 7 RELEASED

    From James Coyle@1:129/215 to All on Fri Mar 11 01:27:07 2016
    Mystic BBS v1.12 Alpha 7 has been released for all supported platforms:

    Windows (32/64-bit)
    Linux (32-bit)
    Linux (64-bit)
    ARM Linux (Raspberry Pi, ODROID, etc)
    Mac OSX (64-bit x86)


    (Note: The website may be going through some upgrades over the next few days, so if there are any issues or downtime apologizes in advance).

    This version is mostly a bugfix release for the lesser used platforms, with focus on Pi and Linux 64-bit stability. I must say I am once again impressed by how well Mystic runs on the Pi, having spent a lot of time using it on a sloooow first generation Pi model B.

    Here's the WHATSNEW for this alpha:

    + The Echomail Nodes editor now has functions to /Copy /Paste and /Move

    + When using the /Exports editor in the Echomail node configuration, you
    can now add new exports in bulk, by tagging any number of message bases.

    + Mystic now strips leading and trailing spaces from PKT AREA tags just in
    case a poorly formatted message is received with AutoCreate enabled.

    + When simulating prompts in the Prompt editor, Mystic will now show the
    PromptInfo codes in their formatted place

    + Added some new permanent debug logging to Message Purging function

    + Mystic's message packer no longer recalculates the "date arrived" field
    when packing bases. Some 3rd party stat tools use this and not the date
    the message was written for stat generation, and this could throw off its
    reporting from date ranges.

    ! Fixed ANSI gallery crash in Linux 64-bit version

    ! Fixed broken ANSI display baud emulation in 64-bit Linux version

    ! Fixed quirkiness causing Pi version to sometimes crash on login.

    <ALPHA 1.12 A7 RELEASED -- Mar 11, 2016>

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A7 (Windows)
    * Origin: Sector 7 [Mystic BBS WHQ] (1:129/215)