• New Cheepware release

    From Sean Dennis@1:18/200 to All on Tue Sep 8 17:05:40 2015
    Hello everyone,

    I've updated The Magic Oracle to version 13.2.
    From the FILE_ID.DIZ:

    The Magic Oracle v13.2 by Sean Dennis
    A free and fun BBS door that allows you
    to get "answers" to life's questions
    from the Oracle. For entertainment
    purposes only, of course. For any BBS that
    supports 16-bit DOS doors, a FOSSIL driver
    and DOOR.SYS or DORINFO1.DEF dropfiles.
    Another Cheepware production! For more
    freeware BBS doors and software, FREQ CHEEP
    from 1:18/200 or 618:618/1 or visit the web
    site at http://outpostbbs.net/cheepware.html
    Sean Dennis - 1:18/200 - sysop@outpostbbs.net

    This is an important update as this version is fully multinode capable while all previous versions were not (and that was a stupid oversight on my part).

    I've also put in GTUSER.BBS support but this is still in a semi-testing stage.

    I've updated the documentation with some extra information that might be helpful.

    The filename is TMO132.RAR.

    The above file(s) is/are available via the following:

    * FREQ:
    -- BinkD: Send a netmail to 1:18/200 with the FREQ flag set and the
    filename in the subject line.
    -- Email: Send an email to bbs@outpostbbs.net with the subject of
    FREQ and each filename listed on a separate line in the
    body of the email.

    * WWW: http://outpostbbs.net/cheepware.html

    * BBS: All Cheepware files are in the Cheepware file area.

    -- Telnet: telnet://bbs.outpostbbs.net
    -- WWW: http://outpostbbs.net/goto.html (HTMLTerm)

    * Filebone: All files are hatched out via my Fidonet CH-WARE filebone and in the MIN_MISC filebone in Micronet.


    ... I'm on the computer and I'm not wearing pants (just shorts)!
    --- GoldED/2 3.0.1
    * Origin: Outpost BBS * Johnson City, TN * bbs.outpostbbs.net (1:18/200)
  • From Daryl Stout@1:19/33 to SEAN DENNIS on Wed Sep 9 21:49:37 2015

    I've updated The Magic Oracle to version 13.2.
    From the FILE_ID.DIZ:

    Got it in netmail, but haven't had a chance to install it yet. The
    stormy weather pattern has put a damper on things...no pun intended.


    ■ OLX 1.53 ■ Don't drink and park -- accidents cause people.

    --- Virtual Advanced Ver 2 for DOS
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