• qwk

    From luc mccarragher@1:229/206 to All on Fri Feb 18 10:03:23 2022
    qwk index/Database is out of date

    -12 Charactere for tag , we need 64 min
    -none of them Updated
    -inside core BBS are not change for the Same problem
    -Update to new tech , will benefice to all

    But Client/server both must bo update !

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  • From Sean Dennis@1:18/200 to luc mccarragher on Fri Feb 18 10:24:14 2022
    Hello luc,

    18 Feb 22 10:03, you wrote to All:

    qwk index/Database is out of date

    No one will use it because then it would not be backwards-compatible.

    The technology we use is already 20 years behind with FTN tech being 40+ years old now.

    -- Sean

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