From Peter Banks@1:278/230 to All on Wed Dec 8 22:24:00 2004
    Can it be possible to have the rec. newsgroups moderated by a
    He has been seen coming out of hotels with men in the middle of the
    night in different parts of the city repeatedly. He's also been seen
    holding men's hands and even caressing them.

    Well, he is very effeminate. He couldn't have been anything but a
    homosexual, anyway. His body is hairless as that of a woman and he
    does not have a proper man's beard. Some testosterone injections could
    improve his lack of manhood. These injections can also stop the anal
    sensation of desire that he feels when talking to men.

    He is also one of the main cocaine dealers in town. He keeps
    destroying other people's minds with cocaine so that they would become
    as mentally ill as him.

    Can it be possible to have this sort of people moderating newsgroups?
    He also promotes homosexuality placing adverts everywhere recommending
    people to become as homosexual as him. I suggest this homosexual to
    undo THE LOT of what he has been doing...that is, THE LOT.........and
    I also suggest him to abandon homosexuality and cocaine.

    It just makes you puke having to read newsgroups moderated by
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