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    From Mbuna@1:278/230 to All on Sun Nov 14 17:20:00 2004
    The problem with these "rules of thumbs" regarding stocking a tank is
    that each fish is different. To give a classic example, compare 12
    one inch neon tetra's to a single 12 inch Oscar. Which do you think
    creates a greater load on the tank? For that matter an 8" oscar
    would still be a greater load on the tank.

    You cannot use these "rules" with any accuracy. You need to take into
    account too many variables.

    To answer your immediate question, you would be able to put those fish
    into the tank without any problems. However as others have said,
    clown loaches grow to be quite large. But, they are slow growers and
    it will likely be 2 years before you'd start to have problems with
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