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    Annual Tropical Fish Auction, Nov 14th, San Diego, CA
    The San Diego Tropical Fish Society presents their Annual Mega Tropical Fish and supplies auction. Free to attend, bid and buy!

    Sunday, November 14th, 6 PM Room 101 of the Casa del Prado in Balboa Park, San Diego (next to the San Diego Zoo, by the Rueben H. Fleet Space Theatre and the huge Koi Pond).

    Hundreds of items up for auction, all brought in by club members or donated to the club by manufacturers. Rare fish, live plants, tanks, stands, equipment, lighting, filters, pumps, books, magazines, live foods, more! Any and everything is likely to show up! Proceeds go to support the Fish Club, which is a non profit organization. Free to attend and bid! Kids welcome! Please bring cash.

    For more info/ or map to this event: Email SanDiegoFishes@aol.com call our info line at 619-281-3474 or see our website www.sandiegotropicalfish.com You do not have to be a club member to bid and buy, come join us! It is FUN!

    [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v445/SanDiegoFishes/SDTFS-Map.gif[/IMG] ---
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