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    From Ann Viverette@1:278/230 to All on Fri Nov 5 06:03:00 2004
    That is called "clamped fins" and is sort of like a frwon, it does mean
    they are unhappy, check the water quality and filteration. Is the tank overcrowded now that they are grown? Dirty filter? Heater not working? Start investigating.

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    Becka Wrote:
    Hi all,

    I was just wondering if anyone out there knew about fish swimming with
    their top fins down. I have a tank full of goldfish, fantails and
    black moores and they have started swimming with their fins down for
    some reason. They don't look sick and they have lots of energy. They
    are eating well and look healthy except they have started swimming
    with their fins down.

    If anyone has any suggestions why this is or knows what might be
    causing it I would appreciate a note.



    I'm relatively new to all this but from the experience i've had so far
    has led me to believe that when the fishies' top fins are down it's
    because they're generally p#ssed off or ill. My moor & oranda are big,
    fat healthy looking fish and yet their fins go straight down whenever i stress them out by vacuuming the gravel or basically invade their space
    too much for too long!

    If they're ill then other signs should present themselves soon enough
    to help you diagnose the cause. If not....then it's probably best not
    to worry too much...give them time.
    Hope this helps :o)

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