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    And now, it is time to have a look at the greatest musician ever
    existed, whose supernatural musical powers made the established
    musicians and the music industry forge the biggest international plot
    ever to stop him. Unfortunately, now everything that they wanted to
    hide is being known...and the stature of the man is determined by the
    amount of conspiracy he generates.

    We are talking of a music encyclopedia that knows and plays almost
    every existing song. We are talking of a music monster whose
    supernatural perception of sound can play a song just by listening to
    it for the first time. A supernatural mediumistic talent who can
    create the most amazing improvisations just by falling into trance.
    It is due to this supernatural perception of sound that he became a
    piano tuner to London Symphony Orchestra and to the Royal Albert Hall, sometimes back. Concerning his craftsmanship as a piano tuner and
    technician, Mr. Nigel Hill, manager of the piano department of
    Chappell of London says of him in a reference letter: "He has been a
    great contribution to Chappell of Bond Street in the pianoforte

    His name is JOSEPH FERRANTE, the Supramusician...and we are proud of introducing him to you...once again...

    Born in Florence, the birthplace of art, he grew up in another two
    different countries, being this the reason why he cannot be
    pigeonholed into a single nationality, because he was influenced by
    three different nations. Joseph Ferrante is a universal man....let us
    call him "the human being"...

    You already know about the plot of the Beatles and the British music
    industry to keep Ferrante's music from reaching the public and the
    details of the story, so we are not going to go through it again. All
    of it happened out of shear jealousy because the best musician in
    almost every style is not British but from Florence, the birthplace of
    art. In addition, the British music industry also plotted with the
    music industry of the place where Joseph Ferrante comes from to block
    the music genius. They know that Ferrante is the end to many myths...

    As can be seen on Joseph Ferrante's website, Rick Wakeman ("Yes"
    keyboard) says in a letter to him: "You are obviously a very good
    guitar and keyboard player". Concerning Ferrante's masterpiece
    adaptation of Hey Jude, Richard Dunn of the BBC says: "I found it a
    very original and quite virtuoso arrangement", Sam Winwood of the
    British Sony Music says: "I was really impressed with the quality of
    the performance and your new arrangement" and Andy Turner of London's
    Capital Radio says: "I found it a very interesting arrangement". Bill
    Bruford ('Yes" drummer) said: "Thanks for your highly original version
    of Hey Jude".

    However, being the greatest musician ever existed is just the
    beginning of Joseph Ferrante...the very beginning...

    Joseph Ferrante is a graduated architect, a graduated doctor, a
    graduated psychologist, a nearly graduated biologist, an astronomer, a
    web designer, a philosopher, a writer, a painter, a master in all
    religions (discoverer of mysteries yet unknown to mankind), a master
    in all occult sciences, a magician, an astrologer, a yoga teacher, a
    piano tuner and technician, a music teacher, a martial artist, a
    weightlifting trainer, a graduated actor, an acupuncturist, a chess
    teacher, a homeopater, a professional level photographer, a four
    languages speaking man...

    He is a MULTI GENIUS, with a 185 I.Q..He spends 27 hours a day with a
    book in his hands, EVERY DAY...

    Joseph Ferrante is the greatest of all geniuses born in Florence, the birthplace of art. Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo Bounarotti, Dante
    Alighieri, Petrarca, Guido Monaco, etc., etc., are just na∩ve compared
    to him....you can believe it....

    He is also a deeply humanitarian man; He heals people for free, either
    with his medical skills or with his spiritual powers.
    A big part of his income is given away to the poor. He saved the lives
    of three of us, (we will not go into the details of it) being this the
    reason why in gratitude we do all this for him in return....

    All we know is that judging by the amazing musical improvisations that
    come out of Ferrante's hands when he falls into trace, we are sure
    that supernatural powers play through him...

    To make it brief, not only is Joseph Ferrante the greatest musician of
    all times, but possibly he is the greatest genius ever existed...possibly....who knows...there could be other geniuses like
    him being stopped by human jealousy and envy. You know what the
    horrible side of human nature is like...you know about the envy that
    crucified Jesus Christ...

    Did you know that Joseph Ferrante caused all this Latin thing that is
    going on with his Hey Jude? After his adaptation of Hey Jude was sent
    to Spain, a group of very bad musicians called "los rolin" came out in
    Spain attempting to do the Beatles' music in Latin flamenco style, the
    same style as Ferrante's Hey Jude, but all they did was music crap,
    due to the bad quality of the musicians. They stole Joseph Ferrante's intellectual property but did it very poorly, compared to the
    transcendental masterpiece made by the music genius.
    After this, when the "Sgt. Pepper's lonely hearts club band" salsa
    adaptation of Joseph Ferrante was sent to the record firms in New
    York, a Latin intellectual property thief entertainer called Ralph
    Mercado reunited musicians from different orchestras and attempted to
    do a very poor salsa interpretation of the Beatles' music. Among the
    people that participated were Latin intellectual property thieves from
    "Fania All Stars" like Celia Cruz and Tito Puentes. Another Latin
    called Oscar de Leon participated in the intellectual property theft. Unfortunately all they did was music crap due to the fact of being
    very poor musicians, but good thieves...
    Latin entertainer Ralph Mercado did such a shameless theft that he
    even made a parody of the sleeve of the Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper's" and
    used it as sleeve of his theft production, having been "Sgt. Pepper's
    lonely hearts club band" the Ferrante's salsa adaptation sent to New

    After Joseph Ferrante opened the door for this Latin style thing with
    his two adaptations, EMI RECORDS INT'L, the firm that designed the
    blocking of Joseph Ferrante (the Beatles' firm) and that also got the
    Latin section of SONY MUSIC involved (just the Latin section), (it is
    just amazing to see the amount of MULTI MILLIONS that these two firms
    have invested in blocking the man from Florence) carried on with the intellectual property theft producing Latin music crap such as Ricky
    Martin, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, etc., etc. These two
    firms got other firms involved in the blocking of Joseph Ferrante
    later on.

    All this Latin thing happening was caused and triggered by JOSEPH
    FERRANTE's two Latin adaptations. And do NOT consider the man from
    Florence as Latin. He just happens to be the best musician on Earth IN
    ALMOST EVERY EXISTING STYLE. The man from Florence is a MUSIC
    ENCYCLOPEDIA, as we told you earlier on...

    We hope you realize now that the words JOSEPH FERRANTE are major
    words...we hope you do by now...

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