• Pregnant Livebearers ques

    From Marlene Walters@1:278/230 to All on Thu Jul 22 18:49:00 2004
    I have a pregnant guppy, a pregnant swordtail, and a pregnant sunburst
    platy. Oh, and a pregnant Mickey Mouse platy as well. Does anyone know
    where I can find pictures, or info on exactly how they behave when ready
    to give birth? The swordtail has had five babies, I think it's her
    babies. I am fairly new to this. She still looks pregnant, though. Black gravid spot, and everything. Is it possible, that I made her have a few
    early, because she had fungus, and I treated her with quick cure? Can
    she still have more inside? I am sorry for the stupid questions, but I
    KNOW someone here will know the answer. Oh, one more question. Is there anywhere on the net, that sells things to Canada, C.O.D? I don't have a
    credit card. Or even uses paypal? LOL. Thanks for reading.

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