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    From A & J Pettigrew@1:278/230 to All on Sun Jul 18 18:06:00 2004
    If you have one of those type tanks with overhead type filtration, Ceramic beads with substrate pad above, Dont clean thesubstrate pads in the first
    few weeks.
    I ran a new tank for 2 weeks set up with plants and all, seeded tank (200 litre) with some fish food at day two.
    The cycle seemed to be complete, NH4, and NH3 had subdued, introduced some fish, 5 tetra + 5 platies + 2 catfish. Everything was fine until, while checking the filters i noticed that the pads above the ceramic beads were filthy.
    I removed one to clean it, took it away to the trough to wash, and returned
    to the tank within 10 minutes.
    All the guys in there were looking off.
    Tested the water and found the amonium levels were through the roof.
    Appears the pads were retaining the deadly chem's, and the water drain from lifting it out was extrreamly toxic.
    I lost 3 within the hour, and a further 4 within 24 hours, and anonther one withn the 48 hour window due to the lid being closed. The lid being closed
    in the first month contribute to the tank being toxic. The riples on the surface of the water do most of the breathing, and closing the lid causes
    the amonia gas tho build up, meaning all the water gets to absorb is amonia gas. If you have the lid closed for sevel days at the start and open the
    lid, you will be overcome by the gases, so imagine what it is doing to the water.
    Rule of thumb, do not close the lid for approx. a month, do not clean the
    pad for at least six weeks no matter how filthy they get. Oh and happy aquariuming.
    After the amonium/nitrite/nitrate cycle has completed, you may shut the lid. Applogies if the order is incorrect, I only know the chem symbols, but you should get the jist of the cycle from this.
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