• Unexpected fish deaths

    From Lance Lyon@3:712/313.1 to All on Thu Jun 10 15:13:00 2004
    Hi ppl's,

    Around two weeks ago I added 10 fish (6 comets & 4 small catfish) to a new aquarium that had been cured for around six weeks.

    Last Saturday, the water started clouding, so I did around a 30% water
    change (this is a 60 litre tank). Almost immediately the Comets startedto die with the last one going off this morning.

    Curious thing is, the catties are totally unaffected.

    I use a very coarse gravel over a UG filter as well as an external "hang on the side" filter. All water tests are fine, PH is fine, nitrates & nitrites are

    non existant, so the bio filters seem not to be the problem. The cloudiness has also gone as of yesterday.

    The water I use is rain water (we are on tanks here) & this has not been an issue with the other tank (I'm in Tasmania, Australia - so acid rain doesn't even figure into the equation).

    Just can't fathom why the Comets have died (they are usually very robust) & the

    more "fragile" catties have survived ok.

    Any thoughts ?



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