• flower horn fry without a

    From Mjm0107@1:278/230 to All on Wed Jun 9 23:37:00 2004
    Please help! I have a flower horn cichlid that seems fully grown.
    (Approx. 8 inches)
    I'm pretty sure she's a royal tiger.

    Right now I have fry from her. This is the third time her eggs have
    produced fry, from about five or six times of laying eggs.

    She has NEVER had a tank mate and has been alone for over two years.
    (Actually the first week I bought her, I tried to see if she would
    coexist with a large geophagus. bad idea though, she killed the
    geophagus that night).
    I can't get an answer anywhere. How can she produce fry with no male?
    It's been well over two years of solitude for her and I've had three
    batches of fry.

    This is a 29 gal tank. With an aqua clear 300 filter, and no tank
    mates, in a tank with one large plant (she wrecks decorations like an
    oscar, so just that is there). i feed her spirulina sticks and feeder
    goldfish. And while they could be the culprit, even if i feed her a 1
    to 2 inch plump goldfish, it barely hits the water before she sucks
    them up.
    this is no joke. i really only have a girlfriend and a neighbor to
    verify it.
    i'd really appreciate any info, especially please some help with the
    fry that I've moved to a ten gal tank.
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