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    This is for fish enthusiasts who may know a bit about fish
    symbolism in (worldwide) folklore, mythology and religion
    and may want to share what they know. Of course I
    can do web searches and library work too but it is
    more fun to get it storytelling wise around the global
    Usenet campfire too.

    Here's a followup I posted to nf.general,nf.arts just now .

    However I may need a bit of female help on this one.

    http://www.nfld.com/~dalton/dtales.html (Salmon on the Thorns)

    Uhh yeah, maybe you could have left this one in nf.general,nf.arts

    Just a thought.

    Oui 1/2 a whore's troff whut has widdle fissies inn it an aye like 2
    goa dere an scratch the side uh de troff an die widdle fishies like 2
    cum over an eat de blue-green algae isomorphically 2 de way humans
    free will 1/2 2 when dere = sew minny uh dem dat dat's de only weigh 2
    feed a system witch reproduces like insane rats on Viagra.

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