• About shrimps

    From Max@rome.Italy@1:278/230 to All on Tue Apr 27 13:15:00 2004
    Hi everybody!
    I've a fresh water tank with some fish and 4 shrimps.
    First question:
    Three of those are transparent but one, the smaller, changes its color. It
    goes from brown to orange to blue. It looks like a PH tester (i mean for the changes in color). Is that related with the shrimp's gender or what? Why
    others are always transparent?
    Second question:
    Two of those shrimps are as big as other fishes. Could they attack them (for eating purpouse)?
    Third and last question:
    Is it normal for shrimps to come in surface to eat (like other fishes)?
    Thanks a lot
    Max from Rome

    PS Sorry for my really bad english. Please correct error if you like, it
    could help me improving my english.
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