• Water problems? Cichlids

    From John@1:278/230 to All on Sat Apr 24 00:35:00 2004
    I am trying to figure out why my two Firemouth Cichlids have died in
    the past 3 months. I am afraid it might be the result of the water,
    somehow. I have tested it, and found the following:

    pH = 7.0
    N02 = <0.3 mg/L
    GH = 7 dH
    KH = 14 dH
    NH3 / NH4 = 0 mg/L

    I know that my KH is high, but that is the result of the pH buffer
    that I use. None of my other fish (tiger barbs, pleco) have had any
    problems in this tank. This tank has been set up for a year now, and
    is well established.

    Anyone have any ideas???

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