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    Jason Stanley <jlstanleyNoSpam@mmm.com> wrote in message news:c5m63m$ak5$1@tuvok3.mmm.com...
    I have what I think is a tetra that is pregnant. What are you supposed to
    do with them? Should I move it to it's own 10 gallon tank or let things
    and leave it in the 35 gallon tank with the other fish. I am not even
    if it is pregnant, but it seems it's belly is alot rounder than it used to be.


    Tetra are egg layers not live bearers.
    Females tend to be rounder than males.

    Your female could be:-
    Egg bound.
    Ready to lay (she will need a male to fertilise the eggs)
    Suffering from an illness causing 'bloat'

    If you move her to a 10 gallon then you will need to move a male (or two)
    with her.
    Classified as very difficult to breed in a tank.

    Hope that gives you enough information to consider,

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