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    I have two albino catfish, now almost 3 years old. They have produced
    eggs 3 times now and I have once seen a couple of tiny fry that have
    hatched - but they disappeared very quickly. I have tried to collect
    some of the eggs in a small tank that I float in the main tank but
    they don't ever come to anything. Has anyone any suggestions please
    as to how I can rescue and successfully breed a few of these lovely

    are you adding meth. blue to your little hatch out tank?. Your fish should hatch out in about 5 days. They will then use up their yolk sac for the next
    3 days and then you begin feeding the fry, tiny amounts of either fresh
    hatch BBS or Micro worms. I prefer brine shrimp as the belly's of the fish
    turn orange and you know they are eating. Young Corydoras fry are very susceptible to fungus and it is extremely important that you keep their
    hatch out container clean of all uneaten food. Adding an airstone with a
    gently air flow will help but is not really required initially. I normally leave my Corydoras fry in the hatch out container for 2-3 weeks and then transfer them to a small grow out tank with only a 3 or so inches of water
    and some sand on the bottom, again to prevent fungus. You slowly add water
    when you do small water changes and slowly raise the level of the tank
    water. A heater can be used if your room temp. is lower that about 72
    degrees otherwise it is not required.

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