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    From Kris@1:278/230 to All on Wed Jan 21 11:07:00 2004
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    On 19 Jan 2004 02:56:41 -0800, Kris <serpentixus@yahoo.com> wrote:
    Does someone know if these two products from eshalabs may be combined? >Esha 2000 = trypaflavin

    Interesting to know that. I'd wondered what was in it.
    I find Esha2000 to be a great cure-all!

    I found it out after a lot of surfing on the web. After that I double
    checked in aquarium magazines and in these I found that trypaflavin
    has the sames indications as esha2000 and trypaflavine is also used to
    prevent fungus on the eggs of the fish. + The colour is identical; red
    in bottle, fluorescent green in the water. So I'm pretty sure esha2000
    contains trypaflavin.

    I think hexamita contains metronidazole.

    Why don't you ask Esha? http://www.eshalabs.com/contact.htm
    thanx, I'll try that

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