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    SAN DIEGO GUPPY ASSOCIATION! If you have been wishing for a guppy club in the San Diego area, please attend the First meeting of the San Diego Guppy Association! Meets Saturday, January 17th at 3:00 PM. Meeting will be held at Charles Pratt's Hatchery in National City, CA (San Diego area). AGENDA: Fish viewing in the hatchery, 4:00 Meeting begins with a welcome and introduction by Charles Pratt, followed by a brief description of the IFGA. A presentation on decapsulating brine shrimp eggs by Ron Evans, an open discussion on forming a San Diego Guppy Club, even door prizes (donationa appreciated and gladly accepted) There will be a guppy auction as well, (Club receives 50%, seller receives 50%). You are invited to bring fish to sell in pairs or trios! For more information please call Charles Pratt at (619)267-2236 or Ron Evans at (760)726-5646. And of course, please attend the meeting at: Charles Pratt's Hatchery, 2545 Ridgeway Dr. #B, National City, CA 91950 Email me for directions, I have the map, big grin. See you there!!
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