From Craig@1:278/230 to All on Fri Jan 16 15:31:00 2004
    Follow the directions below and in two weeks you'll have up to
    $20000.00 in your PayPal account. There is a very high rate of
    participation in the program because of its low investment and high
    rate of return. Just $5.00 to one person!

    THAT'S ALL !!!

    If you are a skeptic and don't think the program will work, I urge
    you to give it a try anyway! It REALLY WORKS! Why do you
    think so many people are promoting it ?
    LOOK AT IT THIS WAY: If the Program is a total failure for you and you
    never get even $1.00 in return, your total loss will
    be the $5.00! If you are not yet a paypal member, there is no risk at
    all!!! If the Program is only moderately successful for
    you, your PayPal account will have several hundred dollars deposited
    into it within the next few days! If you actively
    participate in the Program, you could have up to $20,000.00 in your
    PayPal account within two weeks!

    Now let me tell you the simple details.
    Getting Started!!

    If you're not already a user of PayPal, the very first thing you need
    to do is go to PayPal and sign up. It takes two minutes
    and Pay Pal will deposit $5.00 in your account just for becoming a
    member. That makes this program's total cost $0!!! Follow
    this link to open your PayPal account:


    Now log into your PayPal account, and send the PayPal account of the
    person listed in Position 1 $5.00 PayPal will ask you to
    select type. (Select "service" and put "$5.00 donation" for
    subject.) When person in Position 1 receives notification of your
    payment, you can simply copy this page and change the names in
    position #1 & #2 & #3 as instructed. Remember, only the person
    in Position 1 on the list gets your $5.00 donation. Send them a
    donation then remove #1PayPal account from the list. Move the
    other two accounts up & add your Paypal account to #3 position. After
    you have retyped the names in the new order,
    IMMEDIATELY send the revised message to as many people as possible.
    PROMOTE! PROMOTE! The more you promote the Program, the
    more you will receive in donations!! That's all there is to it.
    When your name reaches Position 1 (usually in less than a week) it
    will be your turn to receive the cash. $5.00 will be sent
    to your PayPal account by people just like you who are willing to send
    $5.00 donation and receive up to $20,000 in less than
    two weeks. Because there are only (3) names on the list you can
    anticipate 80% of your cash within two weeks.

    Anytime you find yourself short on cash just take out your $5.00
    donation program and send it to 50 prospects. Imagine if you
    sent it to 100 or even more. Most people spend more than $5 on the
    lottery every week with no real hope of ever winning.

    POSITION # 1 PAYPAL ACCOUNT: vwgolf96@canada.com
    POSITION # 2 PAYPAL ACCOUNT: sheripy@yahoo.com
    POSITION # 3 PAYPAL ACCOUNT: phastie@rogers.com

    Integrity and honesty make this plan work.
    Participants who actively promote this program will average between $8000
    $12000 and receive the donations within two weeks.
    This is not a chain letter. You are simply making a donation of $5.00
    to another person. The Program does not violate title
    18 section 1302 of the Postal and lottery code.
    Remember -TIME is of the essence. YOU can choose to live
    Paycheck-to-Paycheck or live FREE from FINANCIAL BONDAGE. Become a
    part of the donation program and help people help people.
    This program is about helping each other!
    Success is a journey - Not a destination!
    Start Your Journey TODAY!!!!
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