• Battling ICK on clown loa

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    My 10G tank has been home to 2 small clown loaches, 2 guppies, and 2
    neons for about 6 months now. I got tired of scraping algae off the
    inside of the tank every few weeks so I bought a very small Pleco.
    The tank looked great for about a week and then I started to see ick
    on the 2 clowns on Friday.

    I slowly raised the tank temp up to 85 degrees, added 2 tblsp of Doc
    Wellfish Aquarium salt, and added a half-dose of Quick Cure
    (formalin/malachite green) and a half dose of Maracyn II (anti
    bacterial for secondary infections). I noticed that when I raised the
    water temp the water got cloudy. Why is that? My water is usually
    very clear.

    I added a second half dose of Quick Cure on Sunday. I tested PH,
    ammonia, Nitrate, and Nitrite. PH was 6.8, ammonia close to zero,
    Nitrate and Nitrite were a little elevated, but not near dangerous
    levels. I planned to change water on the next day.

    On Monday I used a gravel vac to change about 30% of the water making
    sure that the water I put back in was the same 85 degrees. I use a
    Brita filter to clean the water before I put it in the tank. I added
    a teaspoon of salt, another half-dose of Quick cure, and another
    half-dose of Maracyn II.

    Today (Tuesday) I looked at the clowns and they still have the same
    number of white spots. The heated water still looks cloudy. My
    treatment does not appear to be doing anything. What am I doing

    Why does the water get cloudy when raising the temperature?
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