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    I just recently purchased a home theater system. Its located in the same room as my 50 gallon aquarium.

    I don't listen with the volume so loud that the windows rattle or
    but still, the subwoofer definitely pumps out that base and makes the
    rumble pretty good in some movies.

    Do I need to be concerned about any effects this may be producing inside
    the aquarium? Among other fish, I have one silver dollar who just
    celebrated his 20th birthday. I'd like him, and his younger tank buddies,
    to continue to live a happy life. I've had this hooked up for about a
    now, and I don't see anyone going in to massive hysteria or anything, but
    I'd like to ask and be sure :-)


    I've heard that sound can affect aquarium critters but I have played my
    drums with full blast stereo in the same room as my seven tanks (salt and fresh) for about a year now. The only thing I have ever noticed is that sometimes my Yellow Striped Maroon Clown pair will come to the side of the
    tank and watch. Other than that it don't seem to upset any of my fish.


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