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    Sidney, you do know MarineLand makes the Regent filters for WalMart right? With a little playing and parts from MarineLand you can convert the Regent
    to an Emperor no problems.. My choise of HOT filters is a little different because of what I prefer and cost related issues ( I use the AC's from the
    150 to the 300 because I can make my own filter media mixtures etc, and I
    also have foam media for any of these filters in one purchase ). I do agree with the mat tack particle board stands sold there are not a high qaulity
    item and the LFS probably have a better selection of better built units ( unless you want to make one yourself ). You can also check the local Penny Saver for good deals on tanks.... I bought two 55USG tanks for a mere $50
    with a hand built stand that can support both of the tanks... A little
    cleaning and they looked new without any leaks. I purchased some of my filtration off of E bay, at a substainial savings ( these were new units or units with very little time on them ). take some time and research, research research, as this hobby will bring a lot of enjoyment for years to


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    Buy quality components. Buy them one at a time if you must. It is
    certainly cheaper in the long run. The Wal-Mart complete setups are a
    to start but, the tank is not that great quality, the stands are terrible (but they don't fall ;-), and you will find the pumps, heaters, etc. to be the very minimum level of quality - just enough to keep from killing fish regularly.

    Find a couple of local fish stores near where you live. Buy a tank and
    stand there. Buy a really good quality tank and stand first because once
    you have it you never replace it. You will spend many hours a week
    at it so, make sure it is the best quality you can afford (within reason).
    I recently purchased a 50 gallon tank for $100. I really like the extra height and depth of these tanks. A 24 inch tall "show" tank has a lot of visual appeal for a main living area. The stands run ~$120 to $150 for an enclosed model (same tank size).

    Now, once you recover from that financial outlay, get a good filter and heater. The Emperor 400 from Marineland is solid starting point and runs
    $40 from http://www.bigalsonline.com, add a Rena heater ~$20 from the same place, some dechlorinator, and fish food you are at ~$80 with shipping. I like to add a small Tetra DeepWater air pump with a rectangular air stone (1inch by 6 inch) for those tiny bubbles and the visual appeal and you're done at about $100.

    Now, add the water and let the tank sit about week to cycle through any "bloom" that might occur. Now you're ready to add a few fish (not more
    4) to get the tank started right. I would suggest viewing all the fish at several pet stores at least once a week for a couple of weeks before you
    some. Find fish that are appealing to you and, try to avoid the "Noah's
    Ark" syndrome with one or two from each species. Right now I'm into large groups of schooling Tetra's myself and find their behavior to be much different in large groups versus isolation in an ocean of many. If you
    fish, make sure they are compatible (i.e. you are not buying expensive
    feeder fish for an aggressive predator in the tank - like Barbs and Neon Tetra's or similar bad combinations).

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    I currently live in Phoenix, AZ and I was wondering if anyone had any advice about stores locally that have friendly service, knowledge, and
    good prices. Please let me know if anyone has had any good
    experiences here in the area.

    Or if you are looking to sell an old tank, I would be interested.

    Thank you,


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