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    Congratulations on the move, I will be making a similar treck in about a
    I am interested in any problems you have encountered.

    Thanks in advance,
    "Brian" <bmitchell620@comcast.net> wrote in message news:cdidnVeoP5Y2TDSiRVn-iQ@comcast.com...
    Hello all, well I recently moved to chicago from north idaho and am happy
    say that all the fish survived the three day journey. I do however have a somewhat wierd white (kinda spiderwebby) looking stuff within the 30g now that it is set up and running(for the past two weeks). I think its due to the plants being transported in a ten gallon w/o the proper lighting etc. During the trip, which in turn prompted some rotting. Major water changes and filtering the substrate has taken care of much of this but I am
    if anyone else has had this happen, like I said its somewhat chunky/chalky/and spiderwebby on the plants and in dark places under the driftwood where it gets pushed from the water circulation. The water conditions are good due to keeping two filters running during the trip
    for the transport ten g, and one for the 30g once we arrived). Thanks in advance for those who followed this all the way to the end.....which is
    Cheers, Brian

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