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    MEGA TROPICAL FISH AUCTION & FISH SHOW!! November is the biggest month of the year for The San Diego Tropical Fish Society,because we have our big yearly tropical fish show in Balboa Park and then the following week we have the HUGE, MEGA AUCTION! If you like tropical fish, you do not want to miss either of these events, cause they are going to ROCK!! So, here are the details, print them out and you will be all set!

    November 1st and 2nd (Saturday and Sunday) from 10 am -4pm in room 101 of the Casa del Prado in Balboa Park, San Diego is the Big Tropical Fish Show. It is free to the public, so everyone come down and check it out! There will be awesome tropical fish, marine fish, planted tanks, etc. and although not set yet, the Killifish club may be showing killifish at the same time too!

    November 9th, (Sunday) is the HUGE YEARLY TROPICAL FISH AUCTION!! You cannot miss this one, hundreds of fish, aquatic plants, tanks, supplies, invertabrates, etc, are auctioned off and they go CHEAP!!!! Rare fish that you only ever see in books show up at these auctions, same with plants. The bidding starts PROMPTLY at 7:00 PM, but I suggest you get there no later than 6:30 so you can look through all the items and write down what you want to bid on. Again, attendance to this event is free, bring cash! The auction is also going to be in room 101 of the Casa del Prado in Balboa Park, San Diego. (By the San Diego Zoo)

    Got Questions?? You can call our information line at (619)281-FISH or email me at SanDiegoFishes@aol.com or check our website at www.sandiegotropicalfish.com

    WRITE ALL THIS DOWN FOLKS, you do not want to miss either of these events, they only happen once a year!!!!!
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