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    From Terry@1:278/230 to All on Mon Sep 15 07:45:00 2003
    " alt.binaries.aquaria -- pictures, may not be carried by many servers."

    The above line is from The Krib rundown on various Newsgroups and their purposes. I found this a strange statement. One picture is worth a thousand words after all. I have read many times in various groups about how one
    keepers fish are suffering from one thing or another and how said keeper
    tries, many times in vain, to describe the allflicted fish's ailment.

    I love the above-named group. I haven't contributed to it because I don't
    keep fish anymore. That doesn't mean I wouldn't like to. I just love to look
    at the many varieties of fish available these days. It was almost 30 years
    ago when I kept fish and was a fairly successful breeder too. I won't take
    your time by trying to explain why I no longer keep these friends of ours
    from the deep.

    I try to keep my hand in by reading the various groups, looking at the pics
    on the binary group above and help out when I can by posting answers to the questions I feel confident I can answer correctly.

    Carry on gang! Lets see more posts AND pictures we can all enjoy.

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