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    The San Diego Tropical Fish Society meets this weekend, on Sunday evening, Sept 14th at 6:30 PM in room 101 of the Casa Del Prado in Balboa Park, San Diego (Where the San Diego Zoo is located). Our special guest speaker is Dave Soares, from www.Apistogrammaidiots.com! The club is flying him down from Oregon to give a fabulous presentation on the colorful dwarf cichlids and apistogrammas of South America! David will be bringing tons of his own fish down with him that will be auctioned off at the break, and will most likely contain the following species!
    Apistogramma cacatuoides
    Apistogramma cacatuoides (OR Flash)
    Apistogramma panduro
    Apistogramma trifasciata
    Apistogramma borelli-
    Apistogramma eunotus "orangeschwanz"
    Apistogramma piauensis
    Apistogramma agassizi "Belem"
    Apistogramma atahualpa "Sunset"
    Apistogramma steindachneri

    Non Apistogramma
    Latacara dorsigera
    Japanese "Panda" guppies
    Lemon Yellow Snakeskin Guppies
    Japanese Blue Diamond Guppies

    This presentation is FREE to attend, please come join us, you will have a great time! Here is the line up of events!
    6:30PM-7:00PM---- All species tropical fish and aquatic plants auction! Lots of wonderful, healthy, rare, unusual and interesting fish and plants will be auctioned off (CHEAP TOO!). These are fish and plants bred by members of the club. Lots of rare livebearers,cichlids, catfish, plecos, snails,rainbows,inverts, plants, etc.! You never know what will be there, so be on time!
    7:00 PM David Soares will entertain us with a colorful program on dwarf cichlids! Immediately following Dave's program, we will be auctioning off all the great, hard to find fish that Dave has brought down from Oregon, so don't forget your wallet!
    8:30 or so will be break with yummy refreshments, the mini fish show (This month is Gold Fish and Rare Livebearers), and then our huge raffle, for a chance to win tons of fish related prized like tanks, filters, fish food, live food cultures, aquatic plants, fishes, etc.! Tickets are only 10c each and be prepared to take home lots of stuff, everyone always wins!
    For more info on the club, directions, etc., you can call our hotline at (619)281-FISH or feel free to email me too!
    Meetings are free to attend and we encourage you to come and join in the fun! Family friendly, kids most welcome! We will start promptly at 6:30 PM with a fish and aquatic plants auction, the auction ends at 7:00 PM so don't be late or you will miss all the great fish up for bid! Then we will have a presentation that begins at 7:00 on something fishy, a mini fish show, and then our big raffle for a chance to win tons of great fish, aquatic plants, filters, tanks, fish food, live food cultures, and tons of other great things! Please come attend, it is fun and we would love to have you.

    The San Diego Tropical Fish Society is a not-for-profit hobby organization founded in 1948. The objects of the society are to bring together a congenial group of people mutually interested in tropical and exotic fishes, to promote interest in, further the study of, and encourage the preservation of aquatic life.

    You are cordially invited to attend our next meeting in room 101, Casa Del Prado, Balboa Park at 6:30 PM this Sunday evening, Sept 14th. Visitors are always welcome, and attendance is free! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!

    Our meetings include an informational program, a mini fish show, the opportunity to talk to fish experts about your questions, a raffle table filled with fish, plants, aquarium supplies, tanks, more, as well as monthly fish-oriented field trips. We host an annual show each November, 14 fish auctions, and have a number of junior members also! We're family friendly and fun! If you have questions or need directions, please call our fish phone at 619-281-FISH and leave a message. Someone will be in touch with you shortly. Club mailing address:
    PO Box 4156, North Park Station
    San Diego, CA 92164
    email: sandiegofishes@aol.com, please email for directions, questions, anything!
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