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    Ron Coleman, PhD.

    Dr. Coleman is a biology professor at Cal State University, Sacramento. His presentations are always fascinating and informative. Find out more at www.cichlidresearch.com
    "I am interested in evolutionary ecology, particularly the evolution of parental investment allocation behavior and the origin and maintenance of parental care states in animals. My research involves theoretical modeling of parental investment using life-history and game theory, and manipulative experiments in both the field and laboratory predominantly using sunfish and cichlids. My most recent research concerns the evolution of egg size, combining a parental investment perspective with biomechanics, ecomorphology and ecophysiology."
    ╖ Cichlid Auction
    ╖ Cichlid Talk
    ╖ Refreshments
    ╖ Raffle
    Whether you are new to cichlids or a seasoned pro, this meeting is for you. Share experiences or ask for advice. Help your hobby grow by sharing with a group of interested hobbyists. Learn about types of cichlids, compatibility, equipment, filtration, water quality, lighting etc.

    August 16, 2003 4-8 P.M.
    Unitarian Hall
    511 S. Harbor Blvd.
    Anaheim, CA
    Across the side street from the Anaheim Police Department

    Guests are always welcome!
    For additional information:
    (714) 990-0495 (714) 526-082
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