• Urgent help required: Art

    From Mark@1:278/230 to All on Mon Aug 11 07:49:00 2003
    I need some help as no-one I have spoken too can offer the right knowledge without putting down the information, someone else has told me.

    What is a good product to make artificial seawater, that is easy to use and
    can be used buy a moron like me. I want to use it for seahorses, I live in Perth Western Australia and am desperate to find something, that isn't going
    to cost me an arm and leg, I'm am married with three children and we survive
    on a disability pension, we do not have very much disposable income.

    I want to set this up for my family as a special present, because they do without so much.

    Is there no general consensus on the best product?????

    Please help.

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