• What happened to my Rams

    From Gizmo@1:278/230 to All on Fri Jul 18 21:33:00 2003
    Last Saturday I bought 8 Rams (Apistogramma ramirezi), they were all
    introduced to a 30 gallon planted tank, which was till the occupied by two Discus which were happy in it.
    The tank has a PH of 7.2 and water are medium to hard. Temperature of about 29-30 C.
    They looked very good at the first two days and you could see the males starting to be a bit rough on each other and the fist looked pretty
    As from Monday they start dying on me!!! 7 dead (last one today) and there
    is only one left......
    I have no idea what went wrong.
    Please HELP.


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