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    From Something'S Fishy@1:278/230 to All on Fri Jul 18 07:16:00 2003
    I have a 75 gallon plant tank with guppies, black mollies, and sword
    tails. The female black molly will bear live babies soon and need
    advice on how to best ensure survival of the fry.

    Years ago (we won't mention how many)I had a breeding tank that fit
    into the larger tank. The tank had two chambers. One for the
    pregnant mother and the other for the fry. When the fry were born
    they would sink out down through a slot and end up in the fry chamber,
    where the mother could not get to them. It was quite effective as I successfully bred numerous swords and mollies.

    Apparently this type of system is no longer available (or at least the
    kid at the local pet store doesn't know of it). My wife purchased a
    fishnet breeder tank which is similar to the system that I described
    except it doesn't keep the fry and mom seperated. Is this the current
    state of the hobby? In other words, do I need to worry about mama
    molly eating her young or not? Or are we better off allowing her to
    have her fry in the aquarium, where they can find refuge in the

    Thanks in advance to anyone that can shed a little light on this one.

    Small Fry
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