• Re: Need long hemostats?

    From Acgelok@1:278/230 to All on Sun Jun 29 16:22:00 2003
    Hi all. I'am not in need of hemostats, however some months ago someone posted an web-address for a co. that sells surgical scissors that are handy in planted tank maintenance. Due to an oversight on my part I lost said address . If anyone remembers it , would you please post it here or E-mail me
    T.I.A. & regards Art

    Subject: Need long hemostats?
    From: JD groundzero@earthlink.net
    Date: 26/06/2003 2:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time
    Message-id: <3EFB3522.1A3316FC@earthlink.net>

    This company has hemostats up to 24" long.


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