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    Welcome to the Aquaria Newsgroups!

    1. Copyright.

    The text for the Welcome (this posting), except for the copyright
    paragraph, was written by Mark Stone. The Aquaria FAQs were compiled
    and are maintained by Erik Olson. The articles incorporating the FAQs
    were written by: Shaji Bhaskar, Gary Bishop, George Booth, Rick Clark,
    Neil Frank, Bruce Hallman, Dean Hougen, Oleg Kiselev, Dustin Laurence,
    Matt McCabe, Davin Milun, Thomas Narten, Erik Olson, Jeff Pfohl,
    Howard Rebel, Mark A. Rosenstein, Thomas Sasala, Anne Hull Seales,
    Elaine Thompson, Betsy Wilson, Don Wilson and Todd Zebert.

    Erik Olson writes:

    "The FAQs owe their existence to the contributors of the net, and as
    such it belongs to the readers of rec.aquaria and alt.aquaria.
    Articles with attributions are copyrighted by their original authors.
    Copies of the FAQs can be made freely, as long as it is distributed at
    no charge, and the disclaimers and the copyright notice are included.
    "Much of the material for this new FAQ comes from the FAQ Working
    Group. We spent nearly a year initially putting this collection of
    documents together, and hope you find them useful in your aquaria
    endeavors. Since the FAQ is (we hope) an evolving document, we'd
    appreciate any and all suggestions for material we may have left out,
    factual changes, or just comments in general. We'd also appreciate
    volunteers to replace our burnt-out set of authors! Mail your comments
    or requests about the FAQs to faq at thekrib.com (please use this
    address for FAQ development-related topics only; pleas for help in
    diagnosing your sick fish will be cheerfully ignored or redirected to
    the newsgroups). Thank you."

    2. What Are the Aquaria FAQs?

    FAQs are answers to the Frequently Asked Questions relating to
    knowledge of modern fishkeeping and general Newsgroup usage. We like
    to think that the Aquaria FAQs are especially important because we are
    in a hobby that deals with live animals, and as such it is imperative
    that information on fishkeeping be easily available and as accurate as
    modern findings dictate.

    So often people buy a new aquarium and a group of fishes before doing
    research into the hobby and finding out what is required to keep fish
    alive and healthy. Additionally, there has always been the notion
    afloat that they are "just fish" and it doesn't matter if they are
    unhealthy or die. It is the goal of the FAQs to dispel this notion and
    to make information relating to fishkeeping easily available and understandable, particularly to new fishkeeping hobbyists. People that
    are experienced aquarists will find a wealth of helpful information
    here, too!

    3. Newsgroup Usage

    Included in the Aquaria FAQs is an extensive section on newsgroup
    usage, written by Todd Zebert. Here you will find information on
    etiquette, posting guidelines, and other helpful topics. It is very
    important to read this document before posting to the *.aquaria

    4. Where are the FAQs located?

    In years past, the entire text of the FAQs was posted periodically to
    the aquaria newsgroups in addition to news.answers. However, for the
    purpose of brevity and for ease of use, it has been decided to post
    links to the websites containing the FAQs in the body of this
    introductory message instead of the FAQs themselves.

    The FAQs are located at:

    A text version is available at:

    Non-English Versions:
    Finnish: http://www.jmp.fi/~liaani/akvaario/aquafaq/ffaq.html
    French: http://www.cyberaqua.org/faq
    Spanish: http://faq.thekrib.com/es/
    Portuguese: http://faq.thekrib.com/pt/
    Italian: http://acquariofilia.hypermart.net
    Korean: http://www.insamo.pe.kr/faq

    5. To What Newsgroups do these FAQs apply?

    The groups currently covered by these FAQs are:

    Welcome to the Aquaria Newsgroups!
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